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Reporting Designed to Build Your Imaging Business

We understand that the quality or our reporting directly affects your professional reputation and bottom line. Our goal is to deliver accurate, clear, easy to read reports that inspire trust and confidence. Let our reporting help position you as a valuable member of your client's health care team.


We bring close to 30 years of experience in the field of thermal imaging interpretation to provide you with the most accurate reports possible.

Clear, Easy to Read

We minimize the confusing Latin and Greek found in many medical reports by using common terms whenever possible. In addition, the layout of the report is designed to provide the most important information first and allow for easy identification of different sections.

Non-Breast Imaging

Our service also provides interpretation that can be helpful with many non-breast related issues. Let's talk and see how our reporting can make a difference in your new or current thermal imaging business!

  • Determining the cause of neuromusculoskeletal pain

  • Monitoring the effects of pain therapies

  • Pre-screening athletes for injury risk

  • Detection of occult sinus and dental infection

  • Assessing thyroid function

  • Monitoring circulation to the hands and feet in diabetics

  • Other specialized applications we can discuss

Thermal Breast Imaging

Breast cancer is scary business. Adding thermal imaging to standard screening can provide peace of mind. Not only can thermal imaging help in the detection process but it can identify signs of inflammation and blood vessel activity that can represent risk for developing cancer in the future. 


With this knowledge, actions can be taken to lower risk while using thermal imaging as feedback to help assess effectiveness. The feeling of helplessness is replaced with the feeling of empowerment.

1. Objective Risk Ratings

Each breast is graded on a scale of 1-5 to illustrate the level of inflammatory and blood vessel activity seen on the exam. This helps clarify the level of risk in addition to whether or not changes between examinations are significant enough to affect the risk.

2. Hormonal Grade of Estrogen Activity

Since estrogen can be a risk factor for cancer, it is important to know if the breasts are being affected. Unlike the rest of the body, the breasts can have as much as 40x the amount of estrogen than the amount found in the blood. This rating helps provide valuable feedback for hormonal therapy and approaches designed to lower risk.

3. Medical & Thermal Follow Up Report

We let you know when it is time for your client to see his or her doctor and when to come back for follow up thermal imaging.

4. Supplemental Report Guide

Many people are not familiar with thermal imaging and are confused by the entire process. Answer their questions takes time that could be spent doing other tasks. Our report guide does most of the work for you by introducing the clients to thermal imaging and helping clarify the contents of their report.

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